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Jewelry by Metal

A unique and beautiful collection of hand-made gold, silver, brass, gold-vermeil, gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry from The Museum of Jewelry in San Francisco, Ca. Our gift shop stocks designs in an assortment of metals and stones. Over 3000 designs available. Perfect for oneself, or gifting a history lover.

Metal Jewelry

In the bronze age our ancestors discovered the secret to extracting and refining metals, and metallic jewelry has been popular ever since.

While we only use gold or silver in our earring wires, we offer our designs in an array of metal choices. Hypoallergenic solid metals like 14k gold, 925 sterling silver, or silver base 24k gold-vermeil are the best choice for jewelry which will come into contact with the skin. Brass, 14k gold-plated brass and 925 silver-plated brass offer a better price point but should not be worn by those with metal sensitivities.

Techniques like wire filigree, metallic ball granulation or open-work and finishes like hand-worked cloisonné enamel and kingfisher feather encrusted tian-tsui jewelry help categorize our designs and antiques.

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