Antique Qing Dynasty Fingernail Guard - Silver

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Talons are closely connected to Chinese noble class habit of keeping long fingernails. The oldest golden talons date as far back to Han Dynasty, however the ones in our collection are from Qing Dynasty. In Chinese ancient agriculture society, women from upper-class were not encouraged to work or go outside, unlike those from working-class or peasant families, so they decided to keep long fingernails to show their noble status. Besides many domestic literatures also described and encouraged the white long fingernails.

These qing dynasty antique nail guards shown are cast in silver and are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tags on the products are from export in the 1970s. Small size guards are 1-2" in length, medium size guards are 2-3" in length and the large size guards measure more than 3" in length. 


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