Ring of Priest Sienamun - Silver

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Lost wax cast reproduction of the Ring of Priest Sienamun an Ancient Egyptian artifact created between 664–525 BC and housed at the Met Museum.

The inscription reads right to left on all three lines. Starting with the bottom line the hieroglyphs translate as follows:

  • Duck: biliteral sign sA ("son")
  • Red crown of northern/lower Egypt: uniliteral sign n (preposition "of")
  • Reed leaf: uniliteral sign i
  • Senet game board: biliteral sign mn
  • Water squiggle: uniliteral sign n (phonetic complement, simply reinforces the reading of mn)
  • Seated man: determinative (word classifier, not read aloud)

Put together, you get his name sA-n-Imn, or Sienamun as the Met calls him. Translated literally, "son of (the god) Amun."

The first two lines note that Sienamun was not only a priest (Hm-nTr) but also an overseer of horses (imy-r smsmw).     

This design is handmade and hand-finished in the USA.

Ring seal measures 14.5mm wide x 13.5mm deep x 1.5mm high, Ring measures 13.5mm deep, width and height will vary based on ring side ordered.

Sku: B Sienamun.UR.040.PS

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