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A Word From Our Customers

The earrings are beautiful. The variety is incredible. The shipping is fast. They arrive in a beautiful wrapping. I love this store.


Linda S.

Amazing collection of historic jewelry. Excellent documentation of origin and time. Beautiful items for sale.


Deborah R.

I have been buying jewelry from the Museum of Jewelry for over 25 years. These pieces age flawlessly - I wear them frequently and I cannot recommend highly enough.


Joyce B.

These beautiful earrings are a delightful addition for the Best Dressed woman that is Bold and yet demure. The harmonically intricate design is sure to impress the most discerning taste.


Sabrina G.

I got these earrings over 20 years ago. Still beautiful, heavy gold setting puts these in a category all their own, heirlooms now, will be handed down.


J. McPhee

Unique, Handmade Jewelry and Objets d'Art

From the stones which are faceted using the same time-honored techniques of the smiths of old, to the shaping, detailing, and embellishment that lapidaries and goldsmiths have perfected through the ages, each of the historically inspired designs in our collection is perfected in its own rite.

At the Museum, we believe there is a direct line from the imagination of the original artist, to the hands of our master craftsmen and women, to you-who give these extraordinary visions from the past new life.

Enjoy your journey through some of history's most magnificent jewelry and objets d'art.

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