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A Word From Our Customers

The earrings are beautiful. The variety is incredible. The shipping is fast. They arrive in a beautiful wrapping. I love this store.


Linda S.

Amazing collection of historic jewelry. Excellent documentation of origin and time. Beautiful items for sale.


Deborah R.

I have been buying jewelry from the Museum of Jewelry for over 25 years. These pieces age flawlessly - I wear them frequently and I cannot recommend highly enough.


Joyce B.

These beautiful earrings are a delightful addition for the Best Dressed woman that is Bold and yet demure. The harmonically intricate design is sure to impress the most discerning taste.


Sabrina G.

I got these earrings over 20 years ago. Still beautiful, heavy gold setting puts these in a category all their own, heirlooms now, will be handed down.


J. McPhee

Unique, Handmade Jewelry and Objets d'Art

At the Museum of Jewelry, we keep the hand-crafted arts alive. Every museum creation is an original work of art. Each piece of jewelry is handmade by master artisans from historical designs - shaped, detailed and embellished using the same age-old techniques as have goldsmiths and lapidaries through the ages.

Every piece of our gold vermeilsilver and gold jewelry features natural, ethically sourced gemstones. As with all hand-made jewelry, our pieces and stones may have slight variations and natural inclusions.

We hope you enjoy your journey through history here at the Museum of Jewelry.