The Museum of Jewelry Catalog

Museum of Jewelry Catalog Cover

From 1990 to 2009 the Museum of Jewelry printed and shipped over a hundred million catalogs. At our peak - 8 million per season. We paid top dollar for photography and production and printing. Our catalog won industry awards (because catalog competitions were a thing back then), was featured and advertised in Vogue Magazine, and was adored by customers (you can view an archived version here).

And then the internet happened. The Museum of Jewelry no longer publishes a printed catalog (we include a copy of an old one in most orders we ship for your coffee table if you so please, because we printed like a gazillion of them and we don't have anything better to do with a 20 year old catalog). We've pledged to be greener and we've not printed a paper version of our catalog since the early 2000s.

While our award winning print catalog might be no more, the spirit behind our catalog lives on in our social media accounts and email marketing. If you miss the catalog please do join our mailing list The Museletter for access to sales, special offers, new product notifications.

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We hope you enjoy your journey through some of history's most magnificent jewelry and objets d'art online here at The Museum of Jewelry. Please reach out with suggestions on how to make the website better serve your needs. We have enjoyed serving you since 1964.


Shashi Singapuri
Director. Museum of Jewelry