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They are just the right size for my needs. They are beautiful

Pretty earrings

The earrings are very pretty, beautiful blue color and nice design. I gave 4 stars because they are tinier than I expected. Still beautiful so I will keep them.


They are beautiful and just the right size.

Beautiful earrings. They are exactly as advertised. I would not hesitate to suggest MOJ to anyone looking for interesting quality pieces.

Misleading description

I purchased this as a gift on the basis that it was an item from the Sutton Hoo burial since this was significant for me and the recipient. After I handed the gift over I tried to find a record of the original item in the British Museum and found none. I contacted the seller and asked for evidence that it had come from Sutton Hoo. She assured me that it was from the Sutton Hoo collection based on a photograph she had taken in the British Museum 30 years ago. I was not convinced and spent time doing my own research and eventually found the original in the British Museum, a separate find and nothing to do with Sutton Hoo. The seller offered my money back if I returned the item which was a poor offer for something that had been given as a gift and would require transatlantic postage to return.
I would add that when I purchased this I felt secure that a Museum would be a reliable seller with a reputation to defend. I subsequently realised that "the Museum of Jewelry" is not a museum so the name itself is misleading.

I'm sure it's a very nice ring, but I still haven't seen it. The product is stuck somewhere in USPS, and I haven't been able to email Museum of Jewelry b/c all my emails have been getting rejected. :( Very unhappy.

Garnet and Opal Charm

The piece arrived in excellent shape, and was wrapped beautifully. It is the perfect gift I was seeking to go with an antique ring. Thank you for your attention to detail.

More than I expected .

Beautiful exquisite design and the material is high quality .

Beautiful but small

I ordered these earrings for my sister. I was surprised to see how small they were for the $92 price

Love these earrings ❤️

I’m going to buy another pair!!

Multiple purchases

Very nice, as always. Excellent service

Absolutely spectacular

Beautiful beyond description, and I don't use words lightly. I want more of a similar design. Bless you!

Beautiful earrings

Very pleased with this purchase. The earrings are beautiful and a great size for everyday wear. They are so light I don't even notice they are on, but they look great!

opal pearl earirngs

Hello I have waited several years looking and loving so many pieces of jewelry. I finally ordered a pair. Pricey. After two days of wearing them a pearl fell out.

The most beautiful earrings that I have, thank you so much, these are divine

As above

Olga Earrings
Gina Stick
Absolutely LOVE your store and my purchase.

Having known of the Met Museum store my whole life, I am now in thrall having discovered you extensive offering of wind reproductions, economical for every budget. Gifts solved!

Great stuff

Beautiful jewelry! My wife is pleased!

Turquoise Bow Earrings
Cynthia Duncan

Incredibly beautiful, classic earrings. They were a little small than expected, but it lends to a very delicate, feminine look. I absolutely love them.

Kirov Peridot Earrings
Katherine Walker

My sister absolutely LOVED the earrings


These are beautiful and I’m very happy with this purchase. Nice size, not too large and perfect for every day. ❤️

Nice Piece, but falls short of description

I had the earrings for quite some time now and I decided that I wanted a complete set. I ordered the necklace and was shocked when it arrived. The center stone that is supposed to be a carnelian, was brown! Quite the disappointment

Ring Tut - Gold-Plated
Ambassador Dr. Angela J. ( Dr. Coach A.J.) Nealy, Ph.D.
King Tut Ring for Ambassador Dr. Nealy

The ring fit perfectly. It has a smooth, gold finish with definite lines of design easily seen in natural light. I really love this product and I would purchase again.

Thank you,

Ambassador Dr. Angela J. (Dr. Coach A.J.) Nealy, Ph.D.


This earring collection for sale is a fantastic find. For a European earring shopper and wearer as myself, I’m am thrilled I can now buy these beautiful European and antique designs at an affordable price AND never leave the country! The earrings arrived quickly, packed in a lovely fashion. I am so thrilled.


I wanted some exotic and unique but not too flashy rings and this ring caught my eyes. One difference from the photo of this site, it had dark inlay background, but I liked it for runes stand out better. International shipping took a long time but the package arrived without any harm.

As Beautiful as I Remember

In my 20's I worked in a store in Mill Valley, CA that sold these earrings. Now, 40 years later, I've finally bought them and they are still beautiful. Thank you Museum of Jewelry.

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