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Garnet Jewelry

Formed deep within the earth - the use of natural garnets in jewelry is almost as old as jewelry itself. In antiquity ancient Egyptians abundantly used garnets polished into round beads. Later Greeks and then Romans adopted these cabochon garnets into their rings, brooches and earrings.

A few centuries later in the middle ages the Anglo Saxons were using the gemstones in tetris like assemblies of geometric shapes. Later still as faceting comes into vogue faceted crystalline garnets grace Renaissance, Edwardian, Victorian Jewelry.

Our Garnet collection draws inspiration from these styles and cultures.



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I have been buying jewelry from the Museum of Jewelry for over 25 years. These pieces age flawlessly - I wear them frequently and I cannot recommend highly enough.

- Joyce B.


These beautiful earrings are a delightful addition for the Best Dressed woman that is Bold and yet demure. The harmonically intricate design is sure to impress the most discerning taste.

- Sabrina G.

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