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We launched a new site in May of 2017. Its 2019 already - so welcome to our new-new site of course.A brief overview of what went right, what went wrong, how the transition is going, and lessons learned during the move.

Posted by Nalin Singapuri on

Welcome to the new Museum of Jewelry!

We launched a new site in May of 2017. Its 2019 already - so welcome to our new-new site of course.

What went right:

  • We started 2017 a social media noobs. We now have about 10000 folks following us on the various social networks.
  • We revived the Museletter, and send out interesting content and sales about once a month. 
  • Thanks to all these new fans our sales are up and business is better than its been in years.


What went wrong:

  • We jewelry artists, not website gurus. So our old website blog languished and banners got stale.
  • We used magento - which is an awesome capable system that required quite a bit in terms of server resources and could be painful to update. For those curious we moved to shopify - which comes highly recommended.


Hows the transition going so far:

  • It's going swell - we think!
  • All accounts, orders, and stock have been moved over. We have lot some jewelry attributes (ie drop / dangle) but most of the information moved flawlessly. Notable exception is wishlists - we are still working on getting these online.
  • You wonderful folks have spent the last two weeks viewing more pages, placing orders more frequently, and placing larger orders - so by all indications you like the change.


Lessons Learned:

  • Make sure nobody is using the site when you pull the switch.
  • Embrace social media and engage your customers.

Love the change? Hate it? Have a favorite new feature? Let us know in the comments.

Happy shopping!


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  • I love the changes you have made to the site! I have been a fan since the early 1990’s your pieces are amazing!

    Leigh Haynes on

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