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Memory Lane - Shashi Inc.

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tian-tsui earring imported by Shashi in the late 1960'sThe Museum of Jewelry was born in 1964. Shashi Singapuri was an employee of Eastern Airlines with $700 and an idea. He bought antiques in five central American Countries, brought them back to America, and promptly sold them.

Our antiques and artifacts such as mummy beads, Chinese silver rings, and tian-tsui were mostly acquired in these early days. Our import business expanded to include South America, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, and China.

Throughout the 1960's Shashi repeated and scaled the process. By 1966 he had a sizable collection of inventory and by 1968 he had largely transitioned from import to manufacturing. He opened factories in Bali, Indonesia and Beijing, China. We also opened showrooms in New York City and San Francisco.

Our Shashi branded jewelry represents this original line - vintage enamel manufactured by hand from 1968 to present.


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