The Museletter: March 2020

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The MuseLetter: March 2020

Coronavirus, trends, website updates & a few special offers

Hey Jewelry Lovers!

I wanted to send out the Museletter this month for a few reasons. Some of y'all love it and look forward to it, I know because of the notes I receive with thoughtful words of support and feedback (thank you very much). Also there are a lot of us at home right now. I wanted to showcase some new products, updated categories, trends and historic pieces.

Please note that we share frequently on social media, if you need a bit more entertainment in your feed(s) this month feel free to follow us on instagram, facebook, pinterest or twitter.


What a change a week makes. I had intended to reach out a bit earlier in the month however promoting our St. Patricks day collection seemed increasingly irrelevant as the holiday approached.

Our warehouse is open and shipping orders (using extra precautions to keep things as sterile as possible), We'll make sure to let you guys know if that changes. But like many companies out there our offices are closed for a bit as employees work from home (out of an abundance of caution).

Not quite jewelry but a plague doctors mask from the 1600s. We'd prefer these not to come back so we're social distancing.

Somber words aside I'm expecting jewelry is going to become a bit of a harder thing to sell for some months while parts of the world stays home. I've been working hard for a few years now to help revive the our lines and brands - Museum of Jewelry, Facets Inc, Laurel Inc, Shashi & Cingano and get all the beautiful jewelry online. And to launch BoneNE Artifacts in order to augment the beautiful designs we offer. And thats been going really well because of you guys. And I would like to see that continue.

So allow me to entice you. I wanted to do a promotion where we sent out a roll of toilet paper with each order but that was firmly overruled - so instead I'm going to give you 15% on anything on our website while you social distance.

Details on that below but first let's talk about the accessories we're gonna be wearing when this coronavirus thing blows over. 

2020 Spring and Summer

Trend: Pearl Jewelry

It's been going on for more than a few seasons now, a pearl invasion in winter and fall fashions. Suddenly these oyster jawbreakers are a great look year round.

Though you might associate pearls with Georgian or Victorian styles, they were an accessory prized by ancient cultures as far back as Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Justinian I showcasing Byzantine styles, which includes an abundance of pearl. Fresco from the Basilica of San Vitale completed in 537 AD.

Our catalog includes a vide variety of pearl designs with selections of freshwater rice pearls, one of a kind baroque pearls, or perfectly round cultured pearls.

Salisbury Cross Pearl Earrings
Pearl Gypsy Earrings
14k Empire Earrings
Ravenna Peridot & Pearl Earrings
Lucy Lovelace Pearl Earrings
Poseidon Pearl Earrings
Lapis Shield Deco Earrings
Juliet Garnet, Lapis, Pearl Earrings
Georgian Emerald & Pearl Earrings
Mary Queen of Scots Citrine & Pearl Necklace
Assyrian Ram's Head Earrings
Trudy Trueheart Pearl Earrings
Shop Pearl Jewelry →

Trend: Bold Colors & Pastels

Pastels in the spring and saturated summer colors are a thing most years, but the combinations of stones and colors being showcased on runways are particularly vivid right now. Heres a few pieces in our collection that showcase pastels such as amethyst, blue topaz, citrine and peridot. I've updated our spring collection to include a few hundred styles with bright stones and enamel perfect for the season.

14k Christina Rossetti Earrings
Rubaiyat Topaz Earrings
Marc Antony Byzantine Peridot Earrings
14k Morgan Le Fay Ring
Vintage Shashi Papyrus Flower Earrings
Penelope Pureheart Earrings
Shop Spring Jewelry →

Trend: Oversized Chains

Chainlink chains featuring dramatically oversized links continue to grace the runways. We don't carry anything like this, sorry, there just are not historic styles that are a good fit this theme. So instead, heres a photo of Kanye West rocking a really fun Horus chain.

We're missing the chainlink variety - but we do have a few great oversize beaded chains in our collection. In the late 1970s, Shashi collaborated with Laurel Burch for these boho beaded designs which are super hip right now.
Vintage Laurel Basket Necklace
Vintage Laurel Fu Dog Necklace
Shop Vintage Laurel Burch Necklaces →


New Items

I have a hundred new designs photographed and queued up to drop over the next month, and we have more in line behind them. I'm adding three a day for the rest of the month. Please keep an eye on this space.
Shop New Items →


Sales & Special Offers

Save 15% Storewide →

Be safe out there everybody. Wash your hands, stay in when possible and avoid large groups, and don't worry this will all blow over soon. We'll see ya next month.
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