The Museletter: October 2020

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The MuseLetter: October 2020

We hired a historian, welcomed wishlists, revamped reviews, electrified our eBay store, and percolated 83 new products. How was your September?

Hello Jewelry Lovers!

First, ya'll said so many nice things about the website changes last month, thank you so much to everybody who reached out with questions and comments.

As with any big redesign there were a few things that didn't quite make the launch but have been added in the last few weeks. I figured I would start off the October MuseLetter by covering a few of these.



Infinite Scrolling

This one is my favorite new feature. Our largest collections span 90 some odd pages (and growing), and I want to keep your mouse finger fresh and ready to add items to your cart ;). Instead of clicking next on page after page of jewelry our collections now load as you scroll.




By popular request we've added a wishlist feature to the website. Add a product to your wishlist using the link under the add to cart button (above left). View, edit or share your wishlist by clicking the link at the top right of the page (above right).

On the wishlist page you can share your items via email, facebook or tweet.



The Blog of Jewelry

Last month we changed the look of the blog a bit, and added links to relevant articles and a tag cloud and some timelines and made a few other cool changes. But what I'm most concerned about is improving the content.

So We Hired a Historian

Meet Charolette, a PhD Historian and freelance writer with several years of teaching experience. She loves finding the weird and wonderful parts of history that grab your attention. She's going to be a guest writer for The Blog of Jewelry, helping to teach us about history and connect our pieces with museum works and historical periods from which they originate.

I'm really excited about classing up our blog, and you should be too! Please do checkout Charolette's first article - Jewelry in Ghana and the Ashanti Empire for an example of the depth and type of content that's going to be posted in the coming months.




For a company with a fifty six year history and a devoted following we have surprisingly few reviews on products. We're trying to fix that and have a few changes around reviews.

  1. Starting a few weeks ago we're emailing customers after delivery and asking for you to review the items you received.
  2. As a thank you for taking the time to review your products we'll give you a coupon to use on your next order. We hope you love your purchase (most of our customers do), but even if you don't we would appreciate your feedback and comments.
  3. Reviews are now being featured prominently on collection and product pages.
  4. We've added support for images in our reviews, so if you want to show off a beautiful design it's easy to do.


If you made a purchase in recent months and love the item but have not reviewed it we would love to hear from you. I'm going to keep an eye on the reviews this month and hand out coupons enthusiastically.



Scale Photography

A common request is that we do model photography or otherwise show the size of designs. Its quite difficult to accommodate this request as we have approximately 10,000 designs in the warehouse. Any commitment to photography represents an effort that's measured in months and years.

That said, last month we dabbled with photography on life-size silicon ears and are rolled it out for a handful of designs. The most complete example is the Thousand Flowers Jewelry where mousing over any item will show an alternate image of the design on an ear. Watch this space as we're trying to get more of these photos on popular products throughout the website.



Product Pages

As part of overhauling the site we revamped the individual products showcase why they are unique. We've gone a bit farther and customized designs in our vintage lines and antiques to have pages which better explain the origins and provenance of these pieces.



October Deals

We've updated our sale collection.

Get ready for Halloween with historic reproduction jewelry.
83 fresh new designs.
October Birthstones Opal and Tourmaline.
BoneNE select items up to 25% off.

Free Domestic Shipping and $10 International Shipping.

Shop Sales →



We've been working hard to build up our presence on third party platforms. I showcased our Etsy store a few months ago and last month we overhauled and enlarged our presence on eBay.

We also started using new templates on all our auctions to better brand our listings, right now we have almost 1500 items for sale on the platform.

I prefer shopping on our website because the filtering really helps to find specific pieces, however we will understand if some of your would prefer using our eBay store. You do you, we could use the feedback and are offering $15 off for every three items purchased.



New Collections

In the process of re-skinning the website and drilling into the specialties of each of our lines I've added several new collections to the mix.



New Designs

Below are 20 of the 83 designs we've added in the last two weeks, as always you can see all our designs sorted by the freshest stuff here and everything featured below is on sale.

Newest Designs →

Phew. That's it for this MuseLetter. Stay safe out there and we'll see you in a few weeks.
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