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Throwback Thursday: The Museum of Jewelry Catalog Fall 1999

We shipped millions of catalogs in the 1990s and many of our customers remember them fondly. Last week I decided to play with digitalizing a few from my collection. At this time 20 years ago we were printing this thing like crazy and getting it ready to ship out to several hundred thousand houses.

Posted by Nalin Singapuri on

Last week I was playing with my printer when I realized it has a scanner that can process a fifty page catalog in well under an hour. It requires a bit of cleanup after the fact but the processing time is like magic to somebody who predates the invention of the scanner :).

I've updated my museum of jewelry catalog page a bit to have a pdf version of an old catalog available and I'm going to be putting a more online soon. Go ahead and download it for a bit of nostalgia.


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