Types of Moonstone Jewelry and How to Care For It

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Jewelry is everlasting, in which it can be enjoyed and cared for in upcoming generations.  Specifically, the elegance and sentimental value of moonstones are noteworthy.  For a romantic purpose, this is a gemstone that gives attention to the energy of the moonlight dancing upon the surface of the water and the secrets of love. However, what makes it superior and identifiable is the glowing appearance in the physical structure. This is due to these unique stones being a mixture of overlapping albite and orthoclase mineral layers. So, let's review why you should care for these gemstones and what the appropriate cleaning methods are that should be noted for your collection.

Advice To Decipher Selections For Your Next Charms

Moonstone jewelry is offered in a variety of styles that all require consistent maintenance and care. Hand-crafted pieces are available in sterling silver, gold, and other artistic materials to capture anyone’s interest. Also, these statement pieces can be selected from choices with diverse and stunning colors that accentuate the natural luminosity of this precious stone. If set in a halo, bezel, or other protective settings, then proper care is more sustainable and easier to preserve.

Caring For Stones Set Into Jewelry Is Vital

Classically, these precious stones have been cut into beads, cabochons, or facets to emphasize the color and texture present.  A definite type of cut is chosen for each stone based on the purpose of adding complexity and a clear perspective of the physical attributes.  Our craftsmen and women help us to provide you with exclusive choices for cuts of cabochon and faceted shapes.

Furthermore, everything about the final product is dependent on what kind of themes, style of design, and historical period or influence you are interested in.  If you’re looking to spend less than a hundred dollars or more than a thousand dollars on this holiday day, then we have plenty of luxury choices for you to pick from.  They also fit well in conjunction with other colored stones, so it is just as important to understand how to clean the pieces that have different stones faceted together.  No matter what cut is present in your jewelry, there is always the necessity to keep every one of them looking polished as time goes on.

Most Suitable Techniques For Polishing and Preservation

When caring for these mineral-packed gems, stop using ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaners that cause more damage than their ability to clean. Rather the use of two or three drops of some non-abrasive liquid soap into warm water for a three-minute soaking session will do better. If your gem is still not clean after soaking, then carefully wiping the surfaces with a dampened cloth or a soft-bristled brush works for a deeper clean. 

Moreover, one factor to take note of is the susceptibility to excess sunlight and to high temperatures that should be evaded at any given time. In addition to most beautiful things being considered delicate, this stunning gem is a comparatively soft stone ranking at 6 – 6.5 Mohs.  If you like wearing multiple rings, this indicates that your stone’s polished surface is susceptible to scratches and scuff marks from hardier stones. 

Two things can help you avoid the outcome of this wear and tear daily. Foremost, take care to wear your rings on alternating fingers to avoid scratches in the future. Second, decide to store your stone jewelry in either a small case or a textile bag before placing it inside your regular jewelry box.

Besides, it's just as necessary to clear the harmful energy that your stone will collect and recharge the healing energy as it is to clean or store the gem properly to fully appreciate the value for years to come. Three of the major and timeless ways to cleanse your stones are saltwater, energy work, and moonlight.  Smudging with sage or sandalwood is the simplest way to extract contaminants into the atmosphere to remove negative energy. Lastly, focus on charging by placing the gem out in the light of a full moon whenever you have cleaned your jewelry because it's time to collect positive energy. Careful upkeep, polishing, vibration-cleaning, incense smudging, and vibration-charging are important factors for preservation.

Loving Your Charms: Clarification and Upkeep in Action

To illuminate, a rise in admiration for accessories with this gem as the center stepping-stone will lead you to find any of these selections flawless. You can find a wide or wide range of products on this website, ranging in choices for 24k gold, 14k gold, and silver fashioned items in this gift shop. Exceeding praises in the field of crystal work for many healing properties as well, this mineral is appropriate for all genders alike as a new addition to their attire for any event. 

Overall, all of these helpful techniques will aid you in avoiding damages and extending the life of your collection that you may have purchased. If you want to share love, this company creates all kinds of glamorous and new pieces of vintage taste found in every setting. They help mark very beautiful, significant moments in life with their craft.

Museum of Jewelry, created by Shashi nearly 60 years ago now, can guide you to finding ethically sourced gemstones that create truly diverse and elegant artisan jewelry for the most cherished ones in your life.  Explore our one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted accessories that are currently being offered at our online gift shop in southern California. In conjunction with our mission to keep these traditions alive, only the most unforgettable memories are tied to events paired with one of the thousands of designs we offer.

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