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Art Deco Insects

In 1925, when L'Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes opened in Paris, art deco was born. Deco - which lasted until the second world war in 1939 - saw grand revolutions in building and architecture, in fine arts, advertising, posters, crafts, and industrial design. Fast, bold, oversized and unique - the Museum of Jewelry's reproduction deco jewelry characterize the best of the era.

Our art deco jewelry collection prominently features bold combination's exploring combination of shape and color. Use of pearls and enameling is abundant.

The present resurgence of deco designs is only one of many such happenings - both the 60's and the 80's saw similar revivals. Art deco might be said to come in popularity and never go - as an era its stylistic tendencies are continually and forever reborn.