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Neoclassical Wedding

Timeless Wedding Jewelry, Inspired by History

The wedding ring started as an iron ring which ancient Romans and Greeks exchanged as a marital dowry. A few hundred years later, it evolved into a symbolic promise of fidelity. The modern ceremony and exchange of wedding bands is a European custom born in the Middle Ages and is associated with the growth of Christianity. And, in part due to the stones hardness, the faceted diamond engagement ring is a relatively modern custom first popularized by in the Georgian Era.

Our curated collection of historic wedding jewelry includes a selection of engagement rings perfect for your proposal, as well as wedding bands, earrings (both diamond encrusted 14k and less expensive semi-precious stones with vermeil are represented), and necklaces which we've hand picked for you. While most of our designs are geared towards the bride, we carry a selection of historic reproduction unisex rings which exactly copy ancient designs and a few other pieces fit for a groom. For a traditional wedding day choose gold and diamonds, or for a more cost effective option shop our alternative engagement rings and silver wedding jewelry.