Citrine Jewelry: A Stone With a Story

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Jewelry lovers have long since loved the color and shine of citrine quartz, and the popularity of the stones has grown with newer generations of consumers. The lemon citrine stones got their name from the French translation of the word lemon, which is citron.

Like many quartz stones, the citrine is believed to have special powers to ward off evil and keep the wearer safer. As more jewelry lovers become intrigued with the stone, they can learn about its history and why it is a valued quartz stone. 

An Original Topaz Quartz

The topaz quartz has become the birthstone for all individuals who were born in November. The gemstone selection was made because of its color and how it resonates with the fall sun. It was originally referred to as a yellow quartz, but since its beginning, the name has evolved. 

It was considered an ornament by the Greeks until 150 B.C. during holidays, and many people throughout the world have used the stones to decorate swords and other blades. However, it was the Art Deco era in which the stone reached the height of its popularity. Many of the larger cocktail rings created with the gemstones were greater in diameter than more precious gemstones such as diamonds, the citrine was added to provide color and create unique designs. 

What are They Like Originally?

Since the citrine quartz comes from the ground, it looks more like a smoky quartz. When creating the citrine gemstones, the jewelry must apply heat to the gemstone and alter the colors. The creation of citrine allows it to become lemon, as the citrines are known for, or become orange. The difference is the amount of heat applied to the gemstones and who processes them. The citrines are altered to provide facets that sparkle and shine. 

Fine jewelry makers create beautiful jewelry with the citrine gemstones, and when making their selections, the shoppers can review the designs the jewelry makers provide. Some jewelry makers can also create designs according to the shopper's preferences, and they can make one-of-a-kind selections. 

It's a More Cost-Effective Selection

The designs are considered more cost-effective than other semi-precious gems, such as opals or pearls. The citrines are still considered a topaz quartz stone, and jewelry makers can still get the stones at a lower than average cost as compared to sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

The fiery color of the citrine stands out and gives the wearer a pop of color and adds to the look of other gemstones added to earrings , necklaces, and rings. The cost of the gemstones depends on the metal in which the stones are set. If they are set in sterling silver, the jewelry provides an elegant look but won't cost the consumer too much money. 

An Alternative Engagement Ring

More consumers are considering alternative gemstones for engagement rings instead of going for a more traditional choice such as a diamond. Women who prefer more colorful gemstones will enjoy the citrine stones and get a larger stone if they prefer. The gemstones caught far less than a diamond and will last just as long. The stones provide elegant color and are flawless, and many recipients who love yellows and oranges enjoy the gemstones. 

Those with a more limited budget could find a citrine set in a high-quality metal instead of choosing diamonds. The engagement rings provide them with sophisticated jewelry styles and provide them with exceptional rings for their special occasion.

The lovely colors of the citrine gemstones are sure to impress anyone who receives the engagement ring and give the couple something that represents them. When shopping for the citrine engagement rings, shoppers will find the right ring for their loved ones as they plan their lives together. 

A More Versatile Style for Women

The versatility of the gemstones provides them with a multitude of options for the jewelry makers, and they can craft anything from fine jewelry to decorative combs for women's hair. As the centuries passed, gemstones have been used for a variety of designs and patterns that are unique and beautiful. Any items that jewelry makers can set gemstones into present a great product choice for consumers. 

The gemstones work well with all types of metal and will remain in the setting for many years. High-quality jewelry makers use everything from silver to platinum for the jewelry pieces, and the consumers find exceptional choices for all occasions. The jewelry makers can set citrines of all sizes into the settings and secure them properly. The shine of the lemon color is beautiful and gives the wearer the right amount of sparkle. 

Where to Buy Semi-Precious Stones 

The Museum of Jewelry has an incredible history of elegant and sophisticated jewelry designs. The jewelry makers create unique jewelry designs for shoppers of all walks of life and preferences. This includes jewelry with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Shoppers will enjoy their wide inventory of handcrafted jewelry and extraordinary elegance. 

We offer an impressive collection of handmade jewelry selections from a multitude of eras including the Art Deco era. We also offer exquisite citrine jewelry that will impress everyone. 

Jewelry lovers will enjoy the intrigue of the citrine and its impressive history. The natural topaz quartz offers wearers a lemon-colored stone that is ever popular, even now. The impressive gemstones are semi-precious, and consumers can get the extraordinary products at a great price. They can have the gemstones set in any metal of their preference, and they will acquire something uniquely their own. 

When reviewing the history of the gemstones, shoppers discover not only was the citrine considered a beautiful gemstone for their jewelry, the stones have a history of providing protective energy. Many wearers throughout the centuries have believed that the quartz stones provide protection against dark spirits and evil that could surround the wearer. The gemstones are also pretty and give wearers a pop of color. A review of the current inventory helps shoppers find handcrafted jewelry selections from throughout the ages. 

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