Why You Need A Pair Of Leverback Earrings

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These days, jewelry is available in all types of styles and designs. However, one of the most popular types of ear jewelry, and for good reason, is leverback earrings. For those not familiar with this style, it features a special type of backing, aptly called a leverback.

The leverback acts as the closure for the earring. It is made up of a curved wire that attaches securely to the back of the earring for a secure fit. Ear jewelry of this type comes in all kinds of designs. Choose from gold ear jewelry with a leverback, silver ear jewelry, ear jewelry with diamonds and other gemstones, and so much more. No matter what types of ear jewelry one chooses, if it has a leverback, it should provide many excellent advantages.

Enjoy More Room For Beauty

One of the most common types of earrings is the "stud" earring. This earring type features a jewel or other design affixed atop a straight post that goes into the ear. While this type of ear jewelry can definitely be lovely, it doesn't leave a lot of room for design. Basically, all you can enjoy is the stud on top of the post.

With the leverback design, however, there is a lot more room for decorative features. The decorative touches can extend all the way up the top of the hook, allowing for more sparkle and beauty. Those who really want to shine and want the most gorgeous ear jewelry possible will fall in love with the variety this style of earring offers.

Know The Earring Is Attached Securely

Often, womenhey 's jewelry, while beautiful, leaves much to be desired in terms of secure attachment. This is why women are often seen fiddling with their ear jewelry, checking to see if it's still attached, and, in the worst case scenario, crawling on the floor looking for an earring that has come loose!

Thankfully, leverback ear jewelry will not present this problem. Once the earring is placed in the ear, the wearer can clearly see that it is intact and correctly attached. Furthermore, the connection of the earring is secure, which means there is no need for regular checking or worry. The earring will stay firmly in place at all times providing it is put on correctly. This should lead to increased peace of mind when wearing even the most expensive jewelry.

Wear Them At All Times

Because this type of ear jewelry does attach so securely, it can easily become a permanent fixture on the wearer's ears. Buyers who are looking for jewelry they can wear at all times without worry will greatly enjoy this jewelry option. In fact, many people wear their leverback ear jewelry even while they sleep or shower. There are plenty of people who never even take off their ear jewelry at all. And, with this option, you never have to!

Know That Your Jewelry Is Well-Made

No one wants to go around wearing poorly made, low-quality ear jewelry. Fortunately, however, almost all leverback jewelry is going to be of high quality. This does not necessarily mean that every piece contains real jewels, but it will be quality and made to stand up to considerable use.

The very nature of the leverback design requires a solid earring backing that connects securely to the earring itself. Thus, some real care and consideration must be present during the manufacturing process. As a result, almost all leverback ear jewelry, even costume jewelry, should be better constructed and more durable than other earring options.

They're Great For Active People

As mentioned earlier, leverback ear jewelry can be worn at all times, and that truly means all times. While a lot of ear jewelry is prone to coming off when swimming, playing sports, or working ou at the gym, leverback jewelry is designed to stay in place,  no matter what.

As a result, those who are active, such as athletes or regular exercisers, will rejoice in finally finding a piece of jewelry that they can wear even when they engage in their favorite activities. Even better, leverback jewelry is designed to be comfortable, so there's no need to remove it while engaging in such activities. In fact, most wearers won't even realize that they still have jewelry on.

They're Steeped in Tradition

Most people don't know this, but the leverback design is not a new thing. Research indicates that much of the ear jewelry in ancient Greece featured a design similar to the leverback structure. And, if something is good enough to be carried over from ancient times, you know it's got to be great!

Furthermore, wearing jewelry with this design hearkens back to older times, making it perfect for history lovers or for anyone who wants a truly classic style. This fact makes this particular type of ear jewelry a great, meaningful gift, especially when its history is fully explained to the recipient.

Avoid The Pain Of Rough Edges

As mentioned earlier, a lot of traditional ear jewelry can be uncomfortable, but this is not the case with jewelry that features a leverback style. A big part of the reason for this is that this style option does not have sharp pieces or parts coming in direct contact with the skin. Think of a standard stud earring or other traditional earring. They typically have a sharp, pointed back that can push right into the skin of the neck or the area behind the ear.

As you may have personally experienced, this can be extremely uncomfortable. However, with a leverback design, any pointed parts are met by the other end of the closure. Thus, no sharp points come into contact with the skin. This makes this type of ear jewelry suitable for young children and those with more sensitive skin.

Reduce The Risk Of Loss

Ear jewelry in the leverback style is more secure just due to the way that it is designed. However, the fact that it is more comfortable than the average earring also helps it to avoid being lost.

Many people are prone to, in a half-asleep state, removing uncomfortable jewelry that is pushing into their skin. This often leads to jewelry that gets lost, misplaced, or even stolen while the owner sleeps and is finally comfortable.

Since leverback jewelry is never uncomfortable, it's not likely to be removed while the wearer is in a resting state. Furthermore, this jewelry is not as easy to remove as a standard earring. All of these facts make leverback ear jewelry even less likely to be lost or stolen and more likely to stick around for the long haul.

Avoid Snagged, Damaged Hair

One of the worst things about standard ear jewelry, with its sharp, pointed backing, is that it can and often does snag the hair. Repeated snagging, especially when an earring is worn often, can quickly and easily lead to hair damage and frazzled ends. And, since the whole point of jewelry is to make a person feel and look more beautiful, and not less, this type of jewelry essentially defeats its purpose.

The closed back of a leverback earring, however, will never snag or cause hair problems. Likewise, it also won't snag on clothing when it's pulled over the head. And, because it doesn't snag, it can reduce the risk of earlobe tearing and other problems commonly associated with standard ear jewelry.

Enjoy The "Dangle" Look

Because of the way that leverback ear jewelry is designed, the stone or other decorative feature almost always dangles down from the ear. This is a lot different than what you'll find with the barely noticeable stud earring that just sticks right to the lobe.

As such, a leverback earring is the perfect choice for the wearer who wants to be noticed or to make a style statement with their choice of jewelry. Furthermore, the dangling design can elongate and draw attention to the neck and what's below it, creating an alluring, attractive look all from a simple jewelry choice.

Catch The Light And Sparkle

Because leverback ear jewelry does dangle down, as described above, it easily catches the light. This creates a beautiful sparkle and glow that just doesn't happen, or at least not as easily, with other types of jewelry. Thus, any wearer who wants to command and demand attention will love this specific style.

Enjoy Extreme Versatility

Finally, you will be glad to know that leverback jewelry is available in all types of designs and styles. Whether a wearer wants to showcase a dainty pearl, a gem, or just wear a pair of simple hoops, you can rest assured that all styles exist in the leverback design. Many jewelers can even convert a standard earring to the leverback style at the buyer's request. Having so many options means that leverback jewelry can be worn with just about anything, as well as anywhere and at any time.

Ultimately, there are many advantages to wearing leverback ear jewelry. If you are shopping for a gift, definitely consider this option. And, if you wear ear jewelry and don't have a leverback pair for yourself, why not shop for one now? Your ears are sure to thank you.

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  • @Theresa, our leverbacks are for pierced ears only. We have a selection of non-pierced earrings available online at https://store.museumofjewelry.com/collections/non-pierced. Many of our dangle styles can be made into non screwback earrings by replacing the finding.

    Nalin on
  • Can lever backs be used with pierced earrings to make them into clip ONS?

    Theresa Cianciolo on

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