The Beauty of Art Deco Jewelry

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Jewelry investors of today are still wowed by the unique designs of the Art Deco period. These are the creations that their grandparents wore almost a hundred years ago. The immaculate pieces are often inherited through wealthy families due to the timeless designs and almost invaluable pieces. Reviewing details about the jewelry makes it easier to understand the beauty of the jewelry period. 

What is Art Deco?

Daisy Buchanan Art Deco Cocktail Ring

Art Deco is a design period in which exquisite jewelry was produced and made its first appearance at the World's Fair in Paris. The jewelry was so popular that it trended from 1925 into the 1940s. Women throughout the world received impressive wedding ring sets and cocktail ring designs. But, Art Deco didn't stop with just rings. The jewelry style included earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even broaches. It didn't just apply to jewelry either, the incredible architecture from the Art Deco period testifies to the creative forces at play.

What are the Most Common Characteristics?

Amethyst Art Deco Dangle Earrings

The defining characteristics of Art Deco pieces begin with the filigree patterns in the gold and around each setting. The jewelry was set in platinum or white gold most often. Most of the gemstones in the jewelry are European cut. This included diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Some pieces featured aquamarines and even pearls in later years. Geometric designs within the gemstones were also a popular element where a variety of gemstones created the patterns or shapes. 

Passed Down Through the Generations

Art Deco pieces have been passed down from one generation to another throughout many lifetimes. The impressive pieces are highly coveted and have become a topic of disputes among wealthy families. Great grandmothers tend to pass down their wedding jewelry to new generations to cherish throughout their lives. Rarely, the pieces might appear in estate sales or through antique dealers, but don't bet on finding the truly original pieces without a major investment. 

Who Were the Top Jewelry Designers of the Art Deco Period?

Diamond Globe Deco Necklace

Cartier, Tiffany's,  J.E. Caldwell, Marcus and Co., and Harry Winston are among some of the most prestigious creators of Art Deco jewelry back in the heyday of the era. Original pieces today could cost thousands if not millions of dollars depending on the setting, size, and gemstones used in the original pieces. 

Jewelry investors continue to be dazzled by the unique designs of the Art Deco period. Jewelry from this period could present heirs with extravagant wealth. Replications of the jewelry are ever-popular among investors as jewelers continue to create breathtaking styles. Reviewing the beauty of the jewelry inspires collectors to consider this era and invest in timeless jewelry. 

Where to Buy Art Deco Options

The Museum of Jewelry has been creating elegant replicas of traditional Art Deco jewelry since 1964. Each piece follows the original designs and gives buyers an amazing and unique piece of jewelry. The designers are highly skilled lapidaries and goldsmiths that are well-versed in the creation of art deco jewelry. Investors who want to invest in the pieces can contact the company or browse our current inventory of handcrafted jewelry now. 

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