The Museletter: May 2020

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The MuseLetter: May 2020

New Photography, Better Filters, Museum Replicas, Storewide Savings and a ton of New Designs

Hello Jewelry Lovers!

As I mentioned last month we're in the process of rephotographing our entire line. As I write this, I have 3,288 designs on our website, and another 7,500 which (up to now) have only been available for wholesale. The goal is to get them all online, with beautiful pictures that showcase the pieces.

New Photography

Professional photos are coming just in time - I've been on lockdown and unable to travel to our warehouse for the last few months. Two months of posting a few products every day has me quickly running out of pictures; and to be frank my photos are amateur hour anyway, the pros are doing a better job.


Website Updates

  1. New Designs on the Homepage

    Our website has been rearranged a bit and now features our newest products near the top of the homepage. Feel free to visit every day or two and peruse our newest designs as we add them.

  2. Better Filters

    I've added and rearranged some of our filter options. My favorite new one one is a "Provenance" filter that appears when shopping for jewelry, it can be used to limit your search to items with good photography, or if you would prefer, to shop our entire collection including classic designs which need new pictures still.

    Contemporary: MOJ, Facets and Cingano designs with recent photography. These are in stock and we have recent high resolution photos of them.

    Vintage: Laurel and Shashi pieces from the 70s. Once we sell out they are forever gone.

    Antiques: Tian-tsui and other one off antique pieces.

    Discontinued: Designs with older photography.

    There are a few other new filters and they let you really dig in. For example here is a search for "women's blue enamel and gold vermeil dangle earrings" which matches about 50 designs.
  3. New Collections

    Historic Reproductions houses exact reproductions from The Met Museum in NYC, British Museum in London, Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Private Collections and other museums and cultural institutions. Expect these collections to grow as I talk with Shashi and capture the origin of these wonderful designs

    Original Designs are designs which are often inspired by historic pieces but not exact copies, or pieces where the source is unknown.

    Polynesian has a handful of flower and bone pieces which Laurel Burch created after traveling through some of the islands of the pacific.


Sales & Special Offers

Save 5% Storewide →

New Items

Once again I spent the month adding new items to the site, and I have quite a few designs to share. As with last month all of the designs and collections highlighted are on sale, now is a great time to pick them up.

P.S. I could not fit all the new stuff in the newsletter, theres a bit more to see on the website.
Shop New Designs →

Be safe out there everybody, blessings to you and yours. We'll see ya next month.
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