The Museletter: June 2020

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The MuseLetter: June 2020

Over 70 new designs, the blog of jewelry, wedding rings, Edwardian and Tudor era designs, brass, and a few special offers.

Hello Jewelry Lovers!

Nalin here, I wanted to preface this MuseLetter with a huge thanks to ya'll. A year and a half ago I started building my own line and helping Shashi, my father, full time. It wasn't the best move financially, rather it was a labor of love. Designing, manufacturing and selling jewelry has been fulfilling in a manner that my career prior wasn't.

I got pretty scared when Covid-19 locked down large parts of the country. We've made good progress in that 18 months, last years sales were the best in a decade and I was more than a bit afraid that an economic slowdown would derail a lot of that.

And to some extent it did. International shipments are traveling slower than normal right now. I've learned a lot of lessons with my made to order line, the manufacturers and foundries I was using have been severely constrained and backed up. Deliveries have been slow. But thankfully we have patient customers, and with a bit of luck we should have all the backordered BoneNE items shipped this month and better yet, the unexpected supply constraints have inspired me to start stocking the more popular items and diversified my supply chain.

But by and large our business has been unaffected by Covid. Designs in our warehouse (everything except the BoneNE line) are usually shipped same day, which is good because you guys have been ordering a lot of them.

So here we are three months later, and we're surviving and thriving. I'm thankful for every order, every share, and every word of mouth recommendation, every review. Thank you for your patronage, for sharing our store and designs with other history lovers. You guys are awesome.


New Designs


The Blog of Jewelry

Over the past year we've added quite a bit of content to The Blog of Jewelry. We've build out a library which largely chronicles the history of jewelry, it often compliments and showcases pieces from our historical jewelry collections. As such in the last month or two I've began to promote the blog a bit and give it a home front and center on the site.

A few of the more recent articles are linked below. If you like them please do subscribe to our rss feed to get new articles and updates. Alternatively you can follow us on medium to see new stories on their platform if you prefer.

jewelry of the roman empire

Jewelry of the Roman Empire

An exploration of Roman jewelry with a dive into men's and women's styles, use of gemstones and the fashions most coveted by Ancient Romans.

the beauty of art deco jewelry

The Beauty of Art Deco Jewelry

A brief overview of the Art Deco period and some of the trends and exquisite jewelry that was produced from 1925 into the 1940s.

The Blog of Jewelry →


More New Designs


New Ways to Shop

If you already have an account, want to follow us, or prefer to buy on Etsy, eBay or Amazon we're here for you. Hundreds of our most popular items are available on these platforms. This month we expanded our offerings on eBay and Etsy, and added Amazon.


Did We Mention Our New Designs

and how about that new photography?


Website Updates

The Wedding Collection

The humble wedding ring started as an iron ring which ancient Romans and Greeks exchanged as a marital dowry, but has grown to something quite opulent. Hidden away in our 14k designs are rings suitable for diamond engagement rings, alternative engagement rings, and wedding bands.

Last month, in preperation for wedding season, I redid our wedding jewelry collection a bit to highlight these pieces. I also added a ring type filter when shopping for jewelry or rings.

engagement rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

wedding bands

Historical Wedding Bands

wedding earrings

Wedding Earrings

diamond alternative engagement rings

Alternative Engagement Rings

The Wedding Collection →

A Little Spring Cleaning

We added a few new ways to browse just a handful of curated collections and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Additionally we updated many of our collections so you can easily drill down into your favorite pieces, and updated the text in order to better cover the historical significance of the various eras and jewelry types.

A Few New Collections

Heres some new collections which we've been building out. They are not "new" new, but they have been hidden away and only available via our collections page.

edwardian jewelry

Edwardian Jewelry

tudor jewelry

Tudor (and Elizabethian) Jewelry

More Metal

Finally some of the Laurel Inc items we've been adding are plated brass, and a handful of the BoneNE items are available in plain brass. I've added new collections so that you can shop for these finishes.

gold-plated brass jewelry
gold-plated brass jewelry

Silver-Plated Brass Jewelry

Brass Jewelry

New Photography

Our new designs arn't the only thing getting new photos, we're redoing photography across almost every product in stock. Here are some of the new photos on older items.


And, of course, New Designs

On Sale


We've updated our sale collection.

Save on June Birthstones - Moonstone or Pearl Jewelry.
Save on the more than 70 fresh designs we've added.

Designs on Sale →


Tons of New Designs

I've been adding four or five items a day, but I'm going to take a break for a few days and let our photographer catch up :). Below are the rest of the new designs, stones, colors and finishes added since our last MuseLetter.
Shop New Designs →

Stay safe out there everybody. We'll see ya in a few weeks.
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