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Shashi started importing jewelry in 1964. As an employee of Eastern Airlines, he used $700 to source products overseas, import, and sell them. He made another trip a few weeks later on the pretense his mother was ill, and by the time he took a 3rd trip he was self-employed. Within a year or two Shashi had turned his initial investment into about $100k in inventory. He spoke English, Malaysian, Hindi (Mandarin was added later) and was able to create unique relationships in Indonesia, China, Singapore, India and elsewhere - relationships that were used to source antiques, find gemstones, and to manufacture the Shashi...

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We shipped millions of catalogs in the 1990s and many of our customers remember them fondly. Last week I decided to play with digitalizing a few from my collection.

At this time 20 years ago we were printing this thing like crazy and getting it ready to ship out to several hundred thousand houses.

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