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Tian Tsui Takeover, Sales & Special Offers, Free Shipping, Scaling BoneNE, New Designs and a few Website Updates

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Browse 2020 spring and summer earring trends: hoops and single dangles. Find St. Patrick's Day outfit ideas. See inside a tian-tsui trunk show. Shop new collections including single stone solitaire jewelry, mummy bead jewelry, insect jewelry & decor, tudor jewelry, christian collection. Save with sales and special offers

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Tian-tsui is a lost technique. It's magnificent blue Chinese silver jewelry - the color is derived from a kingfisher feather overlay. Feathers were meticulously cut and glued onto the metal to give it an iridescent blue sheen.  Shashi imported a lot of jewelry before he started designing - he sold it wholesale at trade shows but some of it remains in his warehouse. Our collection of tian-tsui (and most of our Chinese antiques) was originally imported from Beijing - much of it purchased from the Beijing jewelry company - a very large exporter of antique jewelry in those days. A mere six or seven small boxes of these pieces remains in...

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The Early Days: VOGUE, Shashi Inc, The Museum of Jewelry catalogAntique rings and tian tsui. 100 new designs including necklaces and earrings.

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1964 The Museum of Jewelry was born in 1964. Shashi Singapuri was an employee of Eastern Airlines with $700 and an idea. He bought antiques in five central American Countries, brought them back to America, and promptly sold them.Our antiques and artifacts such as mummy beads, Chinese silver rings, and tian-tsui were mostly acquired in these early days. Our import business expanded to include South America, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, and China. Throughout the 1960's Shashi repeated and scaled the process. By 1966 he had a sizable collection of inventory and by 1968 he had largely transitioned from import to manufacturing....

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Mummy Beads, Tian-tsui, and a hundred trillion billion photos

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