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Bringing Brooches Back, Sales & Special Offers, Vintage Laurel, MOJ x Etsy, Peridot, Website Updates and a few New Designs

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Jewelry is always a great way to enhance your look. There are several things to consider when deciding what kind of jewelry to purchase. Metal smiths use different types of metal when creating a piece. These include silver, gold, base metals such as brass, as well as platinum, and titanium. Silver is an exceptional material for using to create jewelry. It is widely used for rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, belt buckles, and body jewelry.

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Free shipping and save on rubies, turquoise, onyx and new designs

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Victorian style jewelry is a timeless classic that is highly valued amongst the elites due to its unique craftsmanship and quality. Take a gander at our guide to Victorian jewelry which will help you learn the ins-and-outs of buying Victorian - whether its genuine antiques or museum replicas like those we offer.

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Tian Tsui Takeover, Sales & Special Offers, Free Shipping, Scaling BoneNE, New Designs and a few Website Updates

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Ancient Rome is well endowed with a history decked in fame for its complex jewelry designs and their use of a vast variety of materials, specifically gems from all shades of the rainbow and glass beads. 

Here we explore Roman jewelry with a dive into men's and women's styles, use of gemstones and the fashions most coveted by the Roman Empire.

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Art Deco is a design period in which exquisite jewelry was produced. It made its first appearance at the World's Fair in Paris. The jewelry was so popular that it trended from 1925 into the 1940s.

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Browse 2020 spring and summer earring trends: hoops and single dangles. Find St. Patrick's Day outfit ideas. See inside a tian-tsui trunk show. Shop new collections including single stone solitaire jewelry, mummy bead jewelry, insect jewelry & decor, tudor jewelry, christian collection. Save with sales and special offers

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It’s no secret that Ancient Greek jewelry is beautiful in a dazzling, hypnotizing way. Without doing much, it takes us to a time where jewelry and accessories told their very own stories and didn’t come without meaning. Crafted from expensive metals and decorated with natural pearls, Ancient Greek jewelry has clearly always been a symbol of taste, wealth, and sophistication.

Let’s take a look inside the world of Ancient Greek jewelry to understand its meaning and significance throughout history.

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