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Mummy Beads, Tian-tsui, and a hundred trillion billion photos

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The corner where this image was shot from housed the Museum of Jewelry Store and before that a Greenpeace Store. People loved our Shop. The building made a lot of sense in good years. When we were featured in Vogue magazine and our products appeared movie after movie and were wholesaling to the likes of Nordstroms, we employed about fifty people and needed a large office.

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I am looking for a photographer that can do several images per item across all my inventory, including model shots. I have >10,000 items that need photographed, these are located in the Bay Area so it would be ideal if you are located in the Bay Area. Please reach out with a link to portfolio and quote for 500 products / 1500 photos. 

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Covered here is some of the history that begat this explosion of fashion, Renaissance jewelry trends, typical styles, and types of jewelry popular during the Renaissance, and a few of our designs. We hope you find it a useful companion to the Museum's Renaissance jewelry collection.

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Just a quick note to let you know that our store, website, and blog have gone multi-lingual. Museum of Jewelry is now available in JapaneseSpanishFrenchGermanItalianDanishDutchKoreanSimplified Chinese, and (for funzies) Latin.



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12 (of 30) new items, 2 new collections, 2 blog posts, birthstone sale on opal/sapphire/diamond, easter sale and more. We've had a busy month. 

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For a long time I've played with the idea of adding some timelines and maps to the website but have not really found a way to organize our collections effectively. I think I've finally figured it out. Check out our new timelines and let us know what you think!

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"Modern" is a bit tongue in cheek when your jewelry is inspired by history. I've been hard at work cleaning up our modern collection and its subsets, and I want to walk a bit through the periods we represent.

Specifically today I want to talk about the Georgian era in general and dive into Georgian fashion, and some of the Georgian jewelry trends represented in our collection.

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We launched a new site in May of 2017. Its 2019 already - so welcome to our new-new site of course.

A brief overview of what went right, what went wrong, how the transition is going, and lessons learned during the move.

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Can you help me track down the source of one of our designs?

Dive into triangular earrings and molds covering roman earring design from 200-500 AD and explore the similarities in garnet inlays, filigree and granule work, glass, pearl, and emerald beading on authentic roman pieces as well as one of our modern reproductions.

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